Link Library

International Dyslexia Association

The most comprehensive Dyslexia website in the world

About Dyslexia and Reading Problems

Information regarding reading difficulties and Dyslexia

Dyslexia and the Brain: What Does Current Research Tell Us?

Informative article from LD Online.Org

Vaughn Gross Center for Reading and Language Arts

A premiere website for reading interventions and strategies from the University of Texas at Austin

Florida Center for Reading Research

Another outstanding reading website from the Florida Center for Reading Research

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

A cognitive framework of reading

Learning Disabilities Association of America

Resources for accommodating and scaffolding learning for all students

Adolescent Literacy

Information on adolescent literacy--check the links on the left column for more information on essential components, instructional strategies and instructional leadership

Using Scaffolded Instruction to Optimize Learning

Definition and how-to scaffold instruction for students

Dysgraphia--Strategies for Dealing with Dysgraphia (Writing Difficulties)

Dealing with handwriting difficulties

Dealing with Dyscalculia (Difficulties with Numbers)

Mathematical difficulties--definition and strategies