Safe Start 2020

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Edgewood ISD will start school on August 17, 2020. We will be offering three learning method options under the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Guidelines: Remote, On-Campus, and Hybrid.

However, for the first eight weeks (August 17 - October 9) we will be in a transition period where all students will be in Remote Model Monday-Friday. Beginning Monday, October 12, students will follow the school model that was selected on the Parent Commitment Form.

Click here to submit a Parent Commitment Form for each student. 

Remote Model
Students learn online at home 5 days a week.
Remote Learning Model Remote Learning Model

On-Campus Model
Students learn on-campus 5 days a week.
On-Campus Model On-Campus Model
Hybrid Model
Students learn online for 3 days and on-campus  for 2 days a week (Monday & Tuesday or Wednesday & Thursday).
Hybrid model Hybrid model

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Student and Parent Responsibilities and Expectations
Safe Start Expectations   Responsibildads de Padres
Face Mask Guidelines and Tips

Find out which face coverings are appropriate for your student to wear when attending on-campus instruction at EISD. 

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