Senior Leadership Team

 Dr. H  Chavez    

Dr. Eduardo Hernández

Phone:  210.444.4500 | Email

 Phillip Chavez
Deputy Superintendent

Phone: 210.444.4539 | Email

Olga Madkins Dominguez

Olga Moucoulis
Chief of Staff

Phone: 210.444.7596 | Email

Dr. Kimberly Gilmore-Madkins
Chief of Schools Elementary

Phone: 210.444.8108 | Email


Angela Dominguez
Chief of Schools Secondary

Phone: 210.444.7912 | Email


 Salinas  Martinez Nester

Theresa Salinas
Senior Executive of Academic Services

Phone: 210.444.8110 | Email

Myrna Martinez
Chief Financial Officer

 Phone: 210.444.8294| Email

Christopher Nester
Chief of Transformation and Innovation

Phone: 210.444.4500 | Email

Travis Williams Marissa

Travis McKelvain
Senior Executive Director of Human Resources

Phone: 210.444.4569 | Email

 Elvis Williams
Executive Director of Operations

Phone: 210.444.8288 | Email

Cynthia Trevino

Chief of Human Resources and Student Support Services

Phone: 210.444.7911 Email 



Keyhla Calderon-Lugo
Public Information Officer

Phone: 210.444.7955 | 

Jesse Quiroga
Chief of Police

Phone: 210.444.8290 | Email